“China through the eyes of Kiwi”

Photography Competition Announcement
摄影大赛 征集通知

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The Consortium of the Advanced Subjects in New Zealand invites New Zealanders from universities, colleges and schools, including professional and non-professional photographers nationwide to participate in this photography competition. To celebrate the 47 years friendship between New Zealand and China, the main theme of the competition is tightly intertwined with viewing China, especially Chinese Schools from the vision of Kiwis. The competition seeks to attract passionate photographers who will help to visually express the unique traits of the Chinese culture and Chinese Schools, and to depict the outstanding growth of these aspects through the decades. The competition also looks for outstanding photographs that can help to portray symbolic representations of China, particularly the Chinese school and its students.

Winners will receive:
  • 1st prize (one): a certificate of award for top entry and also two domestic return tickets to a city of New Zealand at the value of 800 NZD (each return ticket worth up to 400 NZD)
  • 2nd prize (three): a certificate of award for second rated entry and also a FUJI instant camera at the value of 120 NZD
  • 3rd prize (six): a certificate of award for third place and also a photography collection at the value of 90 NZD
  • The popularity prize: the popularity prizes will be given out to six voted entries with a certification and also a photography collection at the value of 90 NZD
  • 一等奖1名: 获奖证书+两张价值约$800新西兰境内往返机票,每张往返机票不超过$400
  • 二等奖3名:获奖证书+一个价值$120富士拍立得相机一部
  • 三等奖6名:获奖证书+价值$90摄影大赛作品集
  • 人气奖6名:获奖证书+价值$90摄影大赛作品集
  • (主办方保留对奖项的最终解释权)

(The organizers reserve the right to explain the details of the prize at a later date) The closing date for entries is 6 September 2019. If you would like to take part in the competition by entering photograph(s), please carefully read and take good note of the Competition Rules that follow. Winners will be announced at 16 September 2019, and they will be invited to attend the award ceremony at 28 September 2019. The list of winners will also be posted on the competition website and our official social medias. The awarded photographs will be exhibited online and will be published as a photography collection.


  1. Competition Summary活动背景
    Year 2019 is celebrated as the 47th year that New Zealand has been collaborating with China on a global basis. Education is one of the core elements in this relationship between the two countries and the competition will aim to visually depict these success stories.

  2. Competition organizers组织单位
    Host: The Consortium of the Advanced Subjects in New Zealand
    Organisers: Pinnacle Education Group
      Association of Chinese Language Educators in New Zealand

  3. Candidate Preferences参赛对象
    The competition looks for candidates who are local New Zealanders or those who have received their permanent residency. They would best to be teachers or students of universities, colleges and schools and have experiences with Chinese education and Chinese schools.

  4. Material specifications参赛作品要求

    1. The photographs must be related to the main theme of the competition.
    2. The photographs must be produced solely by the entrant.
    3. The photographs must have a title and an explanation of the location and the time of capture. It is recommended that all submissions to have a brief description no more than 100 words.
    4. The competition does not limit the equipment. Participants may use any type of cameras including but not limited to mobile cameras, DSLR or digital cameras. The photos can be submitted in color or black and white.
    5. The photographs submitted must be original content and will accept minor adjustments in the vision editing. The photographs must not include any watermarks, signatures or other similar additions.
    6. Every entrant can submit 3 photos at the maximum. The digital submissions of photos must be compressed into a zip file with clear title of the competition and entrant name. Each zip package of photos is viewed as one submission and the photos can each have its own descriptions and titles as mentioned above.
    7. The digital submissions are recommended to be in JPEG or JPG format with a maximum size of 8 megabytes. Non-mobile phone submissions must not be below 2 megabytes. Submissions must not be withdrawn after submitted. It is encouraged that the participants keep a copy of the submitted photos.
    8. The participants must have full authority and ownership of their submissions and should not violate any copyright laws. There must be no involvement of any third-party material and the submissions also will not violate the intellectual property of any parties in or outside of the competition. The materials submitted will not include any content that would damage the reputation of any parties within and outside of the competition.
    9. For all submitted photographs and materials, the entrant will have authorship rights. The organizers will have full permanent authorized rights to use the photographs for all submissions. These authorized rights include but not limited to the display in public or private exhibitions, the use for advertising and publication without any fees or compensation.
    10. All participants who enter in the competition will automatically agree with all the above rules and regulations. The organizers of the competition reserve all rights to amend the above rules and regulations of the competition without notice. Organizers also reserve all rights to disqualify submissions if they do not satisfy the entry requirements deemed by the organizers.

  5. Participation methods

    All participants will be entering in the competition as individuals and submit their material through a zip file in .zip or .rar format and sent to cas-nz@outlook.com. Participants are required to submit their work according to specifications all together before the deadline.
    1. Email title specifications: “China through the eyes of Kiwi” competition + “participant’s full name”
    2. Zip file submission specifications: “submission title by author” + “participant’s name”
    3. Submission material photograph title: “participant’s name” + “Photograph number” + “Photograph title by author”
    4. Submission content: Please include in the content of the email the description of the submission and the content of the materials. Author’s name and contact details also are to be included.

  6. Voting Procedures

    When the organizers receive the submissions, the materials and photographs will undergo the initial phase of examination to ensure it fits with all requirements and criteria. After passing the initial examinations, the entry will be added into the competition database and wait for next steps. The competition will be judged by two different parties of specialists from the internet and specialists of photography.
    组委会收到投稿照片后,会首先对投稿作品及说明进行初步资格审查,确定投稿作品符合要求后将作品录入本次大赛作品数据库,并安排作品进入下一步评选。 本次大赛评选分为网络评选和专家评选两部分:
    1. Internet specialist scoring: After the submission deadline, all of the entries which have passed the initial inspection will be placed online to be voted by readers and viewers. The top six entries will be selected and proceed to the next stage.
    2. Judge panel selection: The six selected entries will proceed to be judged by our panel and with suitable scoring, winners will be selected.

  7. Attachment: Timeline of the competition

    The competition will be in four different phases. These phases are submission, scoring, results posting and award ceremony. The detailed dates are as below:

Event Phases Dates Requirements
Entry submission September 6, 2019 Participants are to submit their entry before the deadline to the specified email. The entry need to be closely related to the main theme of viewing Chinese schools and culture through Kiwis’ vision. We seek for innovative, unique and aesthetic entries can portray the Chinese culture and the Chinese schools.
Entry inspection September 8, 2019 All the entries will be examined to pass requirements
Internet scoring September 15, 2019 Through the internet voting, the entries will be presented and ranked. The selected entries will proceed to the next steps.
Specialist scoring September 15, 2019 The invited judges will score the entries and determine winners and prizes
Results announcement September 16, 2019 The results will be posted on the organizer’s website and official social medias
Award Ceremony September 28, 2019 The awards will be presented to the awardees at the ceremony announced at a later date

活动流程 截止日期 要求
作品投稿 2019年9月6日 参赛者将投稿作品在规定时间内发送到组委会指定邮箱地址。参赛作品围绕“新西兰人眼中的中国学校”这一主题,应构思巧妙、创意新颖,具有一定的审美价值和艺术价值。
作品初审 2019年9月8日 所有投稿作品将由大赛组委会对作品内容和形式进行初步资格筛选。
网络评选 2019年9月15日 所有初审作品将上传至大赛官网及微信公众号平台进行网络评选,通过在线投票的方式从中选出前六名人气作品。
专家评审 2019年9月15日 邀请的专家对所有投稿作品进行专业评审后向组委会推荐10项获奖作品。
结果公示 2019年9月16日 组委会在大赛网站和主办、承办单位的网站上公布最终比赛结果。
颁奖典礼 2019年9月28日 举行大赛颁奖典礼,对获奖人进行表彰。

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